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Divorce Lawyer in Bangladesh

Divorce Lawyer in Bangladesh

Divorce is a legal process to dissolve an unsuccessful or abusive marriage. In most cases, the proceedings get done outside a courtroom. However, in some cases, the spouses may not be able to settle their dispute on property, debt, dower, or child-related issues. There might be abused involved too. In these cases, a divorce lawyer is needed to fight the case in court.

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Why do you need a Divorce Lawyer?

Marriage is the legal union of two people. These two people may proceed to own property and have children. When one or both of the spouses are unhappy in a marriage, a divorce could be procured to dissolve the marriage. A divorce lawyer in Bangladesh can help you smooth the issues that arise from a divorce in a courtroom.

An expert divorce lawyer is well-versed in the laws related to separation. They are experienced in the ways of the courtroom, and this can give your case the highest possibility of winning. A good lawyer will go through every detail and evidence, talk to every witness and build a solid case for you. A divorce lawyer can protect you from getting an unfair sentence.

A divorce lawyer can help you get the best deal out of the divorce. While you in your emotional turmoil may not be able to look at the bigger picture, a professional lawyer will. They are familiar with clauses of laws that can help you gain financially. A divorce lawyer can build a strong case that can gain you the custody of your children.

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Services provided by a Divorce Lawyer

A divorce lawyer represents one of the spouses in the courtroom. They bring in evidence and testimony to uphold the rights of their client. Getting out of a relationship is a challenging process emotionally. It can be more complicated if disputes arise. A divorce lawyer provides services on several issues to uphold justice.

Divorce Petition: A divorce petition can be filled by one of the spouses. Several reasons can be given while filing the petition. The lawyer can collect evidence and testimony to back up the claim of the spouse. If the claim is proven the divorce papers can be obtained. The most common reasons for a divorce petition are-

  • Physical or psychological abuse- One can claim their spouse abuses them physically and mentally to be rid of them.
  • Adultery- Wanting to divorce an unfaithful spouse is commonly seen.
  • Monetary issues- One can accuse their spouse of depriving them of their money
  • Drug addiction of the spouse- A drug-addicted spouse can be hard and risky to deal with, and one may choose separation.
  • Risk of communicable disease- One can choose to divorce their spouse if they fear the risk of a communicable disease.
  • Sex-related issues- One can choose to divorce their partner over unfulfilling or risky sexual practices.
  • Mentally imbalanced spouse- One can plead their spouse isn’t stable mentally to maintain a marriage.

Division of Property and Debt: Spouses may have properties and businesses in partnership. While settling on divorce, it can be confusing to divide the properties and debts. One side may stubbornly create trouble for their gain. In these situations, a divorce lawyer can help settle the dispute in a courtroom.

The demand for Dower: During the divorce process, the husband might be reluctant to pay the dower. A wife can demand her right to the dower money in court. Furthermore, she can also demand money from the husband to support her and their children. A husband can be sued for dower money, and both parties will have the right to a divorce lawyer.

Custody of Children: Guardianship of children is a common issue that arises from a divorce. In some cases, both parents want their children to live with them. The dispute can get heated enough to need to be settled in court. In these cases, a divorce lawyer tries to prove their client’s competency in bringing up the children.

A divorce lawyer collects evidence to prove the opposite party is incompetent in child-rearing. They may show reasons like financial or emotional instability and provide evidence and testimony to support their claim. At the same time, they have to prove their client qualified on these accounts.

Why Choose Me?

In the courtroom, a skilled and experienced lawyer can win almost any case. Divorce cases are no exceptions. A good lawyer delves deep into the case and examines every piece of evidence available. If you choose a competent lawyer to present your divorce case, there is a good chance of winning.

Here are some reasons why you should consider hiring me to expertly represent your divorce and related cases in court.

  • I have gained valuable experience from my nineteen years of practicing divorce law in Bangladesh. My expertise can help turn the tide in your direction.
  • I am thorough in my inspection of all the shreds of evidence. I also conduct interviews to bring valuable witness testimony to the court.
  • I will ask you all the relevant questions to fortify the case, so I cannot be taken by surprise with something the opponent presents.
  • I can answer the questions you may have related to divorce laws. I can impart my expert advice regarding the case to you.
  • I can offer you a reasonable price for my services. I make sure to only charge my clients for the services I am doing them. There are no hidden charges.

Having an amateur lawyer on your case may cause you to lose the case and to face a monetary fine, jail sentence, or restraining orders. It will be traumatizing to lose a case on top of a failed marriage. You should hire a skilled divorce lawyer in Bangladesh to thoroughly examine the case and uphold justice.

Justice is a right of every free citizen. Everyone has a right to get out of an unfulfilling marriage that oppresses them. If you are considering hiring a divorce lawyer in Bangladesh, you can contact me to take your case. I can also offer you valuable advice to guide you through the path of getting a divorce.

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