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Criminal Lawyer in Bangladesh

Criminal Lawyer in Bangladesh

A criminal lawyer is someone who practices laws that are related to crimes. Their practice is especially based on defending the accused. A criminal lawyer is a person who can clear the name of a wrongfully accused person. They are the lawyers who walk against the tide to fight for someone who is being condemned. A criminal lawyer makes sure that justice prevails.

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Why do you need a Criminal Lawyer?

You need a criminal lawyer in Bangladesh if you have been accused of something wrongfully. You may need to fight your case in court or to provide you with valuable advice. Being wrongly accused can get you a jail sentence or monetary fine. One may even get a death sentence from being falsely accused. At the least, it can be a blow to your reputation.

A good criminal lawyer will be well versed in the laws of the country. They will be experienced to know the ways of the court and how a case should be presented to give the accused the highest probability of winning. A criminal lawyer in Bangladesh can go through all the pieces of evidence, find the loopholes in the accuser’s case, and clear your name.

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Services Provided by a Criminal Lawyer

Criminal lawyers can defend you in many cases. Most of them provide several services, and their expertise may extend to all of them. Below some commonly provided services by a criminal lawyer are listed.

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Murder/Attempted Murder: A criminal lawyer or criminal defense lawyer can fight your case in court if you have been accused of murder or attempted murder. Being charged with murder can give you a long jail sentence, even a death sentence. Attempt to murder cases also entails several years of jail time. A good lawyer would need to build a strong case to clear your name.

Theft: A good criminal lawyer can help clear your name from charges of theft. Theft charges, depending on the case, can give you jail sentences or a monetary fine. It will be redundant to mention the blow to your reputation. A criminal lawyer can cross-examine the shreds of evidence to help clear your name from charges of theft.

Drug-Related Charges: Drug-related charges may include possessing, manufacturing, transporting, and selling drugs. One can be wrongfully accused of any of these charges. A good criminal lawyer can go through the case, check the pieces of evidence, and present a strong case in court to clear out the name of the accused.

Domestic Abuse: Domestic abuse charges can be pressed against a partner or family member. The abuse might be physical, psychological, sexual, or financial. While being abused by a close connection is traumatic, sometimes people are wrongly accused of it. In these cases, a criminal lawyer can clear the accused’s name.

Violence against Women: Charges of violence against women entail harsh punishment in Bangladeshi courts. While it has significantly lessened violence against women, one may find themselves wrongly accused of this crime. A criminal lawyer can come in defense and make sure that justice prevails

Fraud: Fraud cases may include forging important documents and scamming. It is usually done to have a financial gain or some other advantage. In these cases, one party is accused of faking their identity or using false information to prey on the victim. Fraud charges can give you a jail sentence, or the court may come up with a way for you to compensate the victim.

Cheque Bounce: Cheques bounce happens when the giver of the cheque doesn’t have enough funds in his bank account. In this situation, the bank rejects the cheque with a memo, and the receiver can decide to press charges on the giver. The charges can result in a monetary fine and jail sentence.

Divorce and Dower Related Cases: It is important to get out of an abusive or unfulfilling marriage. In Islamic culture, a dower is a promise of a certain amount of money made by the husband to his wife. While asking for a divorce, a wife may also want to press charges for a dower. In these cases, a good lawyer can help to settle the case.

Custody of Children: Custody of children is a common issue arising from a divorce. Sometimes the two parties cannot settle, and they take it to court to decide who gets the guardianship of children. In these cases, one party generally accuses the other of being incompetent in taking care of the children to gain custody.

Why Choose Me?

It is necessary to get an experienced and skilled criminal lawyer to clear your name from a wrongfully pressed charge. Choosing an incompetent lawyer can result in you getting an unjust sentence. You need to hire someone who will thoroughly examine the situation, find out the weak points of the opponent’s case, and use it to clear your name from the case.

Here are some reasons why you should consider hiring me as the criminal lawyer who can skillfully present your case.

  • Experience comes in handy during a court trial. I have nineteen years of experience in practicing criminal law in Bangladesh.
  • I am committed to collecting all evidence and checking them thoroughly to present the strongest case for you in court.
  • I ask my clients all the relevant questions to fortify the case, so I cannot be taken by surprise by something the opponent presents.
  • I can answer your questions related to criminal law and offer you my expert advice on anything related to your case.
  • I can offer you a reasonable price for my services. I make sure to only charge my clients for the services I am doing them. There are no hidden charges.

In an independent country justice is a basic right of everyone. Being wrongly accused in a court case can be devastating. A criminal lawyer must fight for someone who is being condemned openly. If you are looking for a criminal lawyer in Bangladesh, you can contact me to fight your case or to provide you with advice.

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