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I have been practicing law for nineteen years. My inspiration is my father, who is a reputed lawyer. Before coming into the law profession, I have worked as a teacher for several years. I finally realized my passion was in bringing forth justice for the innocents. I strive in my mission to uphold justice.

I take your case with the view to give you the best shot at getting justice

I use my knowledge of the law, skills, and experience to build a strong case for you. I make sure that the evidence and witnesses I bring forth are authentic. This is to make sure that your case remains ironclad and gets the best chance at winning.


My mission is to help establish the right to justice for everyone. I work hard to learn more and do better to be successful in my mission. I put extra effort to keep the case proceeding authentic and honest, so people can keep their trust in law and order. I offer a reasonable rate for my services to let everyone has access to justice.

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Morsheda Begum
I hired Morsheda Begum to fight my divorce case. She is a resource and skilled lawyer. Thanks to her, I won the case and could smoothly move on with my life.
Martin Foster
A few years back, I was wrongfully arrested for drug possession. My distraught family sought out the emergency service of the lawyer Morsheda Begum. She took instant action to bail me out and later won my case.
Bryan Cirius
I have taken legal advice from Morsheda Begum regarding trouble with a bounced cheque. It was her expertise on the subject that got me out of my trouble. If you are looking for a lawyer in Dhaka, I recommend you hire her services.
Jane Dowser
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