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Upholding justice by fighting your cases and offering you legal advice for 19 (nineteen) years.

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About Morsheda Begum

Dedicated lawyer ready to fight to bring you justice

In my years I have seen that the tiniest thing is capable of turning a case and bringing forth justice. So, I am detail-oriented in going through all shreds of evidence and possible witness testimonies to bring the tiniest inconsistencies to light.

How can I help you?

Criminal Law bd

Criminal Law Service

If you are wrongfully accused of murder, theft, drug possession, or fraud, contact a criminal law service today to fight your case.

Divorce Law Service​

Divorce Law Service

For filing your divorce petition, dividing property, demanding dower, and custody of children, contact a divorce law service.

Have Emergency?

In case of abrupt trouble with the law such as sudden arrest, contact for emergency service.

What My Customers Say About Me

I was having trouble getting a divorce and custody of my children. Morsheda Begum fought out the best solution for me. If anyone asks me, I will always recommend her as the best divorce lawyer in Bangladesh.
Martin Foster
Five years ago, I was wrongly accused of murder. The ordeal was devastating for me. If not for Morsheda Begum, I would probably still be rotting in jail. She saved my life by taking up my case and winning it against all odds.
Bryan Cirius
A friend of mine accused me of fraud. The betrayal along with the proceedings of court made me hopeless. My wife had heard of Morsheda Begum and contacted her. She swooped in like an angel and cleared out my name in court.
Jane Dowser

Lawyer in Dhaka, Bangladesh

A lawyer in Bangladesh has several paths open before them. For example, one can choose to become a criminal lawyer, a corporate lawyer, a divorce lawyer, an employment lawyer, etc. Whatever the line of practice, the best lawyer in Bangladesh is honest, hardworking, and dedicated to upholding justice.

Being a lawyer in Bangladesh is a challenging job that requires effort and dedication. Upholding justice to protect the innocent is a big responsibility. The best lawyer in Bangladesh will not let temptations and threats make them waver in their path to justice.

A lawyer in Bangladesh can help you with issues related to finances, relationships, employment, immigration, etc. The best lawyer in Bangladesh title can be given to many people specializing in different fields. What makes a lawyer stand out is their utmost respect for the law and their unwavering desire to make sure justice prevails.

The best lawyer in Dhaka will go through the tiniest bits of available evidence to find out the missing piece that can make them win your case. They will also thoroughly question the witnesses and go through their testimony to find something of value. In a courtroom, the tide can change anytime with new bits of information.

If you are looking for the best lawyer in Bangladesh, you would need to hire someone who prioritizes justice over everything. As a criminal defense lawyer, I have seen how devastated a person can get from being falsely charged. It breaks them emotionally and can cause them a financial drain if one does not hire an honest and responsible lawyer.

Reasons to Hire Me

My services mostly cover criminal law and divorce law. These fields I have chosen out of a moral obligation. I think that people are often wrongfully accused on these accounts. One can be innocent and know themselves to be innocent, but in a courtroom, claims do not amount to much. In a courtroom, one has to back their claims with evidence and witness.

  • I have been practicing as a lawyer in Dhaka for nineteen years.
  • I check all shreds of evidence for their authenticity.
  • I question the witnesses thoroughly to find new information or any inconsistencies in their testimonials.
  • In my long years in this profession, I have never stopped trying to hone my skills to provide better service.
  • I have strived to become one of the bests, so I can uphold justice better and protect those who are unfairly accused.
  • I keep my service at a reasonable price range to make sure that my clients only pay for the services I am doing them. They do not have to worry about an expensive lawyer service.
  • I use the valuable experiences I earned in all the cases I fight. I believe that learning from previous mistakes can improve my chances of winning.
  • I have fought several against some of the best lawyers in Dhaka. I have strived and won most but even when I didn’t win, I learned.

I firmly believe that there is nothing more devastating than being accused and punished for a crime you didn’t commit. That is why I practice as a criminal lawyer in Dhaka, so I can clear out the names of those wrongly accused. Justice is a right of everyone and without a fair ordeal in court, no one should be condemned.

Getting out of a bond of matrimony is an emotionally taxing event. The process of divorce can be further complicated by issues such as abuse, division of property, the demand of dower, custody of children. In such a crucial time, having a skilled lawyer to fight for your right can be reassuring. This is precisely why I offer my services as a divorce lawyer in Bangladesh.

For the cases I fight, I look for evidence that can weaken the opponent’s case and improve my chances of winning. This practice can turn the case in my direction. I am determined to put my all into fighting for what is lawful and right.

I am currently practicing as a lawyer in the Dhanmondi area. If you are looking for the best lawyer in Dhanmondi, you can choose to give my service a try. While I may not have the most experience and accomplishment, I can assure you that I will use every legal means at my disposal to fight your case.

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